B. Jeanne Pelan Gemologist Appraiser located at Mill Creek Jewelers

Mill Creek Jewelry Appraisal Rates and Fees

Mill Creek Jewelry Appraisals Rates and Fees

Appraisal rates are dependent on the difficulty of the items being appraised, the extent of the evaluation, and the market research needed to come to a value conclusion. Please call us at 425.745.5122 or contact us through our online form for more information.

  • Insurance Appraisals - Typically, $90.00 per item. Items with multiple gemstones or stones over 1.00 ct will have an additional charge.

    Diamond Plotting (a detailed image describing stone characteristics) is included for diamonds over 0.75 ct.
  • Estate or Fair Market Value - Same as above
  • While You Wait Appointments - $100.00 per item
  • Gemstone Identification - $40.00 per stone
  • Metal Testing - $25.00 per item
  • Consultation - $125.00 per hour by appointment. Identification, relative values without documentation. Great for sorting through estates.

Ask us about potential discounts for multiple pieces. Call us at 425.745.5122 or contact us through our online form.